Firstly Iím a lazy S,O,B and if you send me a long winded email you will find out just how lazy I can be
keep it short and to the point
Skip the legal Jargon I wonít understand it anyway

give me the server IP and the file name
Iíll do a quick scan of the server delete the file and email the Client
DON'T bother asking for Client info

File Hosting
Point it out and I will gladly shut it down
just kills the server performance for other clients anyway

Website DMCA
frankly people have been emailing me about things I never even thought of
I'm not going to waste time trying to list every sic thing people do
if you want something stopped just email me and odds are ill agree with you

Donít bother me about a warez site unless it's actually hosting the files
it's not against my Datacenters rules if no files are on the server

Make sure you put DMCA in the subject